Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is your AQ ?

IBM Business Analytics recently introduced the term Analytics Quotient. It measures how ready you are to apply insight to your strategy, processes and tactics; how quickly you can re-allocate resources and re-orient your people to make better decisions; and how effectively you can act based on how well you know your past performance, current results and future possibilities.

Please visit this site for more details.

That is a micro site which uses SPSS Surveys to give you:

  • Your AQ Score
  • Your stage in the AQ Maturity Model
  • Specific guidance, tools and web resources that will speed up your journey.

James Taylor has mentioned the tool in much more detail HERE.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Social Business Intelligence

I was just going through the IBM Cognos Collaboration data sheet which can be found here.

As a part of this feature, Cognos 10.1 ships with a copy of IBM Lotus Connections. The marriage of a decision making tool with a collaboration tool can be very powerful as the below diagram depicts:

The Cognos entry point into Connections is an Activity. An Activity can then be used to start a discussion, create a workflow, track decisions and so on. The value addition that this integration provides are as below:

  • Eliminate knowledge silos
  • Reduce time and resources spent gathering intelligence
  • Introduce greater accountability and transparency for team decisions
  • Ensure consistent use of best practices
  • Ensure a complete cycle from decision to action
  • Speed up task execution with greater access to information from a larger professional network

Another cool concept that the data sheet mentions is that of a Corporate Memory. This can be side lined as another marketing catch word until we look intently at it's meaning. A Corporate Memory helps business users to look back at the basis of a decision, what data points were checked, what points were discussed, whether the analysis was valid and many such "pearls of wisdom". In layman terms if the decision making activity is tracked through a collaboration tool like Lotus Connections, we have what is called as a "knowledge repository" - a term common in technical circles but making inroads into corporate decision making as well.

Of course, as always, organizations depend on the people, process and products paradigm. It is imperative that the people and processes make full use of this integration. With the value addition and ease of use that has been built in, I feel it is definitely a win-win situation.

Monday, May 9, 2011

MindTree and Cognos

As the organization grew, MindTree felt the need for a separate group or
function to focus on Corporate Information Systems (CIS), and a robust
enterprise-wide reporting tool. MindTree chose IBM Cognos Planning/
Reporting Tool to build a central CIO organization.

Get all the goodness here.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New site for Cognos 10.1 UPGRADE

There is a new and dedicated site for helping customers to upgrade to Cognos 10.1 from previous versions.

This site contains information and resources available to help with the upgrade to IBM Cognos 10.1. Upgrading requires planning, testing and execution. This page will help point you to collateral to help you during the upgrade. This is a collection of resources that are currently available to you today.

IBM wants it's existing customers to use this exciting new product. The value proposition that the product brings to the table is simply irresistible. If you are a planning an upgrade, and you need any specific information, please ask your IBM Cognos representative (services, GBS, account manager, lab advocate, support) to contact me and I shall be able to guide them to the right folks.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BA Forum India 2011 - Two days to go.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to this amazing event. What an event to miss ..

Where else will you get a chance to meet fellow users and network with them. Where else will you get to hear what IBM's very own Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) thinks about Cognos offerings. Where else will you get to see Predictive Analytics at work enabling you to move from insight to foresight.

It is all there at the BA Forum India 2011 ! Though the Mumbai event is very close and might already be overbooked, the Gurgaon and Chennai events might still have slots available. Go CLICK.

Cognos and ICICI Prudential AMC

Cognos® helps drive organizational performance at ICICI Prudential AMC by providing the right information at the right time to its management
and sales teams.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Marico - Cognos TM1

Marico was looking for an automated solution to replace its old, worksheet based budgeting, planning and finance reporting system. The company got that and a lot more with IBM Cognos TM1.

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